One Day I'll Hold The World

23. College Grad. Michigan. Future art therapist. Severe wanderlust. Music. Movies. Dancing. Books. Quotes. Beaches. Summer breeze. Smell of campfire. Coffee. Raspberries. Coloring books. Vodka. I believe in Love and Peace.... well at least sometimes I do.

No two persons ever read the same book.

—Edmund Wilson (via observando)

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Sometimes it hurts. It hurts so much I can’t breathe. And even when I do manage to catch a quick gasp of air it’s gone before my body has a chance to recover. I’m left restless with a heart that beats too fast and a brain that won’t slow down. I often wonder if I’ll ever be able to stop myself from slipping off the edge and into this pit. Maybe if I were able to build a fence or put up a sign. Caution, don’t stand too close. It’s bad enough I spend my life afraid of that cliff, of the next inevitable fall. I can’t help but wonder if I’d be better off flinging myself over before I manage to drag someone down with me.